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SvirskiWebs  - Listing DetailsSunday 27 November 2022  
SEO Services
SEO Services
MarketRaise is a serious SEO company providing the best results for the best rates regarding any Internet Marketing and SEO Service.
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-It is Big Popularity ContestIt is estimated that 70% of the crtieria used by Google to determine what web sites rise to the top of their listings is the quantity and quality of the back links. This may sound odd but just stop for a second and think about it. If you have many websites back-linking to you then that is a sign you are delivering quality content. If your website/blog is relatively new getting back-links can be challenging.-How To Generate Back-linksDirectory SubmissionsOne great way to get some quality back-links is to submit your blog to directory submission websites. If you do not already have one create a site map in the appropriate formats. If you are using the WordPress software you can download and install this plug-in to automate the process. After getting the site-map together you should then submit it to Google Webmaster Tools. This will help Google index your site the way it should be. The next step would be to submit it to Yahoo’s dictionary . You can pay a large fee to speed up the process of getting a spot if you want. If you use Yahoo’s free service it could take up to a year or more for your site to be listed. I also always like to submit my websites to the Open Directory Project. as well also known as the DMOZ the Open Directory Project is the largest most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast global community of volunteer editors. There are also many good blog dictionaries around the web. One of my personal favorites is blogcatalog.com.Write For Other WebsitesOne great way to get back-links to write for other websites and blogs and link back to yourself. If you can find another author that will let you make a guest post that is the way to go. If the blog you post on has a good reader base then you should also get some good traffic back to your site depending on the quality of your post.ForumsA great way to generate back-links and gain some readers is to become part of a forum that is related to your website. I am part of 10-12 internet forums across the internet. Just make sure you do not become a spammer. If you join a forum you need to become an active member of the community to succeed with this tactic.video sharingVideo sharing sites have become so popular. Creating useful videos that have to do with your niche is a great way to attract readers. This also gives you a chance to back-link from your profiles on these video sharing sites.-Google Video-Yahoo Video-Youtube-Flickr-Photobucket-Daily Motion-Metacafe-Vimeo-ViddlerSocial MediaNot only do social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer opportunities to generate back-links they are also great methods of building relationships with your readers.These are just a few of the methods I use to build back links. I hope this post helps with the optimization of your blog.

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