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SvirskiWebs  - Listing DetailsWednesday 25 May 2022  
Commercial bridging loan
Commercial bridging loan
Quick commercial bridging loans and property finance from £20000 - £6 M pounds on industrial property.
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I have some sympathy for you Doug! Proposal review systems seem to bring out the bike shed painters leaving a potentially huge amount of work to be done whilst never quite satisfying any particular group of users. And it's arguably a classic case of one group being the stakeholders (the reviewers) with lots of input on how the system is supposed to work tuned to their workflow (of course) and another group being the people who complain that it's unusable and not suited to them (the submitters). I don't think next year's EuroPython has settled on anything for this purpose but I doubt that I'll have anything to do with this part of the organisation for the reasons given above amongst others. Let the reviewers build their own system! Extra sympathy for you though if you are a reviewer for PyCon.

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